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How to hammer it from hardpan-PICTURE- Golf Magazine Australia.
With dry course conditions, that means more tight lies, including hardpan. A few easy tweaks, however, can make these shots a lot easier.
Stay steady to stop pulling putts-PICTURE- Golf Magazine Australia.
If you pull a lot of makable putts (12-footers or less), you’re probably moving something besides your shoulders during the stroke.
Unplug yourself from a plugged lie-PICTURE- Golf Magazine Australia.
Your approach falls a few agonising metres short of the green, and your ball plugs in the face of a bunker. What looked like a typical greenside sand shot is now a rescue mission.
How to rip a right-to-left shot-PICTURE- Golf Magazine Australia.
A draw can be very useful off the tee, especially if the hole doglegs from right to left or the wind is blowing from left to right.

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